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Updates to Fractals of the Mists

Ravenna, Dec 1, 13 6:26 PM.
Original page:

This looks like a lot of good improvements! If we have enough interest, maybe we could make a weekly group run together?

November Event -- Fractured

Ravenna, Nov 26, 13 6:06 PM.
Today's game release includes a Fractals of the Mist -specific event. The video and release notes are uninformative to say the least, but it's nice (as always) to have added content for the game.

In other news, I hope everyone is having a pleasant holiday season :)  Understandably this may mean less (or for some lucky few, more) game time. See you in Tyria!

Guild Bank Update

Ravenna, Nov 8, 13 5:07 AM.
These ongoing events give a lot of opportunities to fight Veterans, Champs, etc. which drop major high level loot. If you pick up something that's not your class -- or if you happen to be crafting high level stuff you can't use, or don't want -- consider placing it in the guild bank instead of salvaging it. If you want to use something someone else made, replace it with money or in kind. A Lannister's word is his honor, and he always pays his debts.

Your Worst Nightmare

Ravenna, Nov 6, 13 6:55 PM.
(OK, maybe not your worst.)  Tower of Nightmares event is live through Nov. 14  So keep getting those achievements, and don't forget to represent TTYL while you do it :) Remember, to always pay your debts.

Guild Missions

Ravenna, Mar 24, 13 2:09 AM.
Guild Wars has added the option for Guild Missions. Keep earning influence, and we can buy some! The payoff is big. Check it out in-game by hitting "G" or clicking the Guild Screen icon. See you in Tyria!
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